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Mobile Internet Flex Plan
Monthly Service Fee $10.00-$85.00
Base: $10.00
Tier 1: $30.00
Tier 2: $45.00
Tier 3: $70.00
Tier 4: $85.00
Data Included Base: 100 MB
Tier 1: 500 MB
Tier 2: 2 GB
Tier 3: 6 GB
Tier 4: 10 GB
Additional Data Usage Rate 5 per MB for any usage over 10 GB
Early Cancellation Fee Any device subsidy balance remaining on your account as well as any outstanding recurring charges or usage charges (credit balances under $5 will not be refunded). Other cancellation fees may apply.
Notes Data used while outside of Canada is not applied towards any included monthly rate plan, but is charged at the applicable roaming rate.